Holidays in Ruschweilerhaus – Home Away from Home
We’re delighted you’ve found us and that you like our house: we have something in common!

We built Ruschweilerhaus for our holiday guests and as a second home for ourselves because we love the countryside and living near a natural lake. Because we like the idea of living high above Lake Constance, with its bustle during the summer season and its winter fogs — while still being close enough to visit easily. Because we enjoy the view of the lake from the highest mountain, appropriately called Höchsten (highest), and being able to pop over to Überlingen for an ice cream. Or catching the ferry in Meersburg to Bregenz, three leisurely hours each way – and being so busy enjoying the views that we never even open the books we’ve taken along to read.

Returning afterwards to the quiet countryside, picking up milk, bread, and honey from the nearby local farms. And taking a dip in Lake Ruschweiler in the evening. Living a stone’s throw from Switzerland and Vorarlberg. Enjoying the surrounding countryside. Observing the cats slinking about in the meadows. Delighting in the locals’ friendliness.

We built Ruschweilerhaus as a contemporary energy-plus house, which was an experiment for us — but it works: We’re warm in winter and cool in the summer.  We availed ourselves of traditional materials (wood shingles) to build it, and the design was inspired by the marvelous architecture found in nearby Vorarlberg.

Ruschweilerhaus is an ideal getaway. You’ll find bucolic tranquility, but still be connected to the rest of the world via internet and wi-fi. You can take a respite from daily life, while feeling right at home right away. You’ll enjoy country life and Lake Ruschweiler, which is different each season. You can take long walks exploring the neighborhood and circumnavigating Lake Volzer, an unspoiled natural lake; or you can rent a boat on Illmensee Lake, with its playground and beautiful surrounding farmland. You can hike along the wooden walkway through the Pfrungener Ried (marsh), observing the once cultivated upland moor’s gradual return to its original state.

Families with children are very welcome. There’s a perfect spot for a dip in Lake Ruschweiler. And Illmensee Lake also offers public swimming facilities, with a lovely playground and minigolf.

Ruschweilerhaus is also great if you need a place to work, say, on a large project, when everything else must be reduced to a minimum. There’s no need to mow anyone’s lawn, and an afternoon swim in the lake provides welcome refreshment.

On rainy days, our holiday apartment is equally attractive: it is equipped with games, a small library, a television and DVD player; and the well-appointed kitchen will tempt you to cook fun meals together. And Ruschweilerhaus’ simple contemporary interior design attractively frames the beautiful scenery outside. You’ll feel you’ve found a home away from home.

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